Live It is on the cutting edge of the digital classroom providing an online platform that connects students to experts in real-time.

On September 25th, 2016 Live It will launch its first of several live, interactive and educational shows called FOREVER WILD for classrooms throughout British Columbia. The first show of the FOREVER WILD Series will be ORCA LIVE, a show connecting students across the province to experts on Orcas and the Southern Resident Orcas. Over 100 teachers and 3,000 students will all connect on Live It’s online platform to watch the Orca Live show, ask questions in real-time to the experts and download educational curriculums. ORCA LIVE will be the start of new school year in sciences and interdisciplinary studies, and help open conversations (and minds!) to shine the spotlight on the endangered Southern Resident Orcas. 

The ORCA LIVE show will bring teachers and students virtually onboard an Eagle Wing Whale Watching boat in the Salish Sea to explore the wonderful world of Orcas and Southern Resident Orcas. During the 45-minute show, teachers and students will be able to connect in real-time with the experts onboard the boat and ask questions about this keystone species. 

As the plight of BC’s Orca population is seemingly more and more at risk, students across the province will now have the incredible opportunity to get their facts first-hand from top experts who study these magnificent creatures everyday. 

Live It’s mission is to share the most relevant and pressing natural history experiences in order to inspire real action and awareness in our next generation of thinkers and doers. 

How will classrooms access the live show online? 

Access to the show and accompanying pre- and post- educational content for classrooms K-12 in French and English will be on Live It’s online platform. Space is limited to 120 classrooms for the 3 livestreams (40 classrooms per show) on September 25th: 9am & 10am in English and 11am in French

Educational Resources

Pre- educational content following the BC Curriculum and Inquiry-based learning will be sent out a week prior to the show to prepare classrooms to the live event. Post- educational content to learn more about the topics that were covered (call to actions, learning more, activities).