How do I access the LIVE shows?

Check your email inbox (try your spam or updates folder if you can’t find it) and look for the latest email from Live It. You’ll find your LIVE links there!

How do I register for a live show?

Go to the LIVE IT Platform and choose the show you would like to attend, add it to your cart, register & pay. We’ll send you an email with your resources and show links at least one week before the LIVE show.

The feedback that we’ve received from our educators, is that a classroom environment for viewing the show, followed by a discussion sets the students up to get the most of the shows.

What is the best viewing environment for the live show?

At Live It, one of the things we try to do during every show is answer all of the live questions that come in. Using twitter, allows us to engage experts that may not be on site with fact our experts could be anywhere in the world tuning in to answer your students questions! Twitter is the fastest way we can get your students questions answered. Pro tip: Make sure you use the right hashtag for the LIVE show.

Why do we use twitter for the Q&A?

In each show, we will typically answer between 10 and 15 questions, LIVE. However, if the question comes in during our live presentation we do our best to answer ALL questions within 48 hours on twitter. (add something about answering accurately)

How many questions do you answer LIVE?

Questions that are fun, interesting or original and align with our script are typically the questions that get answered LIVE.

How do you choose which questions get answered on the LIVE show?

Sometimes our question period comes up on the live show - but there are no twitter questions yet! We will then pull questions from the pre-question doc. If only one class has filled it out - then those are the only questions we have at that point in the show and that’s what we’ll use!

Why do you sometimes answer questions from the same school or classroom?

We know how EXCITING it is when a question gets answered LIVE. And we also know what a bummer it is if your question doesn’t get answered LIVE. Please let your students know their question WILL be answered by an on-line expert and if it also happens to get asked on the live show, then there’s an extra reason to be happy!

How can I best set my students expectations for the LIVE question part of the show?

Yes! Please remember we are lovely humans, doing our best to create the best program possible for your students - but sometimes nature is…well, nature!

Does anything ever not go as planned during a LIVE show?

Preparing for the Show


  • Set up a Twitter account if you don’t have one (How to setup a Twitter account.)

  • Follow us in advance on Twitter: @liveitearth

  • Ensure you have a suitable venue to show the live-streamed event (gym, library, classroom) with internet speed fast enough to watch a YouTube video.

  • Book a projector and speakers.

  • Ask for AV support and additional adults to help during the activity if needed.


    • Make sure you have enough time in advance to set up your computer, projector, speakers, and navigating to the Live It platform. You will see a countdown. Exciting!


    • Send us your questions via Twitter by tagging @liveitearth and the show hashtag (ex. #liveitsalmon). Set up a question station or have more adults present to help type in questions from students during the show using an iPad, smartphone, or laptop.

    • Share photos of your viewing/learning experiences on Twitter.


    • Access our post-show educational content on our online platform to use in your classrooms (activities, videos, etc.)