What we DO

For Educators

Live It provides learning resources that apply a Universal Design for Learning (UDL) framework for real-time engagement, representing their understanding and also personalized expression of student learning.

A 21st Century learning paradigm takes the focus off of the content per se, and exposes students to novel career paths, demonstrated by the experts themselves in the field,  perspective-taking and creative and critical thinking.. Core competency growth can be assessed with a simple to use self-assessment tool.

Inquiry guides are available for students to check for understanding in real-time  and develop personalized lines of inquiry that can lead to questions posed to our team of experts and provide a launch point for an extension challenge to express themselves in an experiential or personally meaningful way.

Additionally, digital visual and interactive resources are also available for either pre or post viewing, alongside resource hotlists that are vetted by educators to be age appropriate, accessible and relevant to extend student learning.

Live it, offers episode broadcasts in both English and French. This is a valuable resource for both Core French teachers as well as French  Immersion and Francophone schools in BC.

Live it also acknowledges the territory from which it hosts its broadcasts across the geographically diverse province, and endeavours to integrate indigenous perspective into our stories, accessing First Nations elders on site when possible to provide their story, context and knowledge.

For Organizations 

Live It adapts an organization’s outreach initiatives into livestreamed stories connecting the next generation to experts in the field in real-time. We empower youth to be more socially responsible because we believe that knowing is the key to caring.

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Attention filmmakers/producers!

We are looking for like-minded partners to co-produce authentic real-time adventures from sea to space. Contact us to learn more.