Our Management Team



A pioneer in EdTech, Mike endeavors to connect students to nature from sea to space through narrative and an array of digital experiences. He completed a Masters in the Faculty of Education, Curriculum and Instruction at the University of Victoria (2015). Mike made history by successfully defending his thesis live from underwater, his defense can be seen on YouTube titled: “Beneath The Waves”. In 2016, Fish Eye Project’s ‘Live Dives’ made cinematic history as being the first to introduce real-time interactions between audiences and divers in giant screen theaters. Mike has a diverse range of experiences in cinema, public speaking, remote web broadcasting and audio visual work. In 2010, following in the footsteps of his father and grandfather, Mike became a diver and an advocate for ocean literacy. By 2011, He began assembling the tools and framework for live underwater shows or ‘Live Dives’ with Maeva Gauthier that naturally lead to the founding of Fish Eye Project. Fish Eye has now evolved into a new brand called Live It, which connects students to experts in the field in real-time from sea to space.



Maeva is passionate about marine ecology, coastal communities, communications, and filmmaking. She loves using digital media as a tool to connect people and bring awareness. Originally from Quebec, she came to the West Coast of Canada in 2007 to pursue a Masters in Marine Ecology (Univ. of Victoria) after a biology undergraduate degree in Montreal (Univ. of Quebec in Montreal). For the past 10 years, she's been involved in ocean outreach and education projects, including short film productions, interactive media, public speaking, magazine writing, and educational projects. She was lucky enough to go to both poles in 2009, the Antarctic and the Arctic, and has been going back to the Arctic a few times ever since for the ShoreZone.Org program and to facilitate film workshops with youth so they can document their stories of the coast. Since 2011, she co-founded the non-profit Fish Eye Project, now known as Live It, providing live underwater broadcasting to connect people with our ocean in a very unique and interactive way. For her Ph.D., she will use Participatory Video as a tool to engage Arctic communities to document plastic and microplastics found in their coastal environment and subsistence foods. She hopes that her work will help explore solutions and facilitate their implementation by policy-makers.



Melissa Welsh is a National Award-Winning Master Photographer, Author and Tech Entrepreneur based in Nelson, British Columbia. She studied photography in London, Ontario, and has since built an impressive photography career as well as founding and operating companies in the publishing, art gallery and software sectors. As a committed educator and volunteer, she dedicates her spare time promoting positive change in the photography industry. In the past few years, she has served as the B.C. President of the Professional Photographers of Canada (PPOC) and the National Communications Chair. She revolutionized the global photo pricing system with her Pixel Cents algorithm and has helped photographers in 22 countries around the world be fairly compensated for their work.She is a fun, free-spirited individual with a deep love for adventure. Her work can be found in private collections around the world as well as in regional, national and international publications.



From swimming with wild dolphins and whales in oceans around the world to getting up close and personal with monkeys in the jungles of Borneo and elephants in Thailand, award-winning Canadian filmmaker Patricia Sims has always kept a passionate eye on conservation. Patricia has produced documentaries around the world from the Arctic to the tropics, focusing on nature and conservation, and the interrelationships between humans and animals. She has collaborated with some of the world’s leading conservation celebrities, scientists and explorers, with a specialization in wildlife and oceanographic productions. Well-traveled in over twenty countries, she has produced television documentaries and factual series for CityTV, CBC, Astral Media, YLE, ARTE, DiscoveryChannelUS, TV Asahi, NHK, NHK-BS2, TBS, non-profit organizations, and the United Nations. A dedicated conservationist, Patricia is the Founder of World Elephant Day, the annual global awareness campaign that she launched in 2012 to bring attention to the critical threats facing elephants. Patricia has produced, directed and written documentaries about elephant conservation including the multi-award winning Return to the Forest, a 30-minute documentary narrated by William Shatner about the work of the Elephant Reintroduction Foundation, an initiative of HM Queen Sirikit of Thailand. In August 2016, her award-winning feature-length documentary When Elephants Were Young, also narrated by William Shatner, was released theatrically in the USA and Canada, and VOD in over sixty countries. When Elephants Were Young had its broadcast premiere on CBC Documentary Channel in December, 2016. Patricia brings her documentary filmmaking expertise and entrepreneurship to the Live It team as Executive Producer for productions, marketing and business development.

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David loves the idea of telling an interesting or important story using visual design. There’s nothing more rewarding than being part of a project that uses design to build bridges between ideas and understanding. David started his career as a Graphic Designer, in Sydney, Australia, and have been lucky enough to have my work take me around the world. His my roles as Senior Motion Designer and Art Director, He has worked with great teams and for clients in China, the USA, Germany, Nigeria, England, Afghanistan, the Ukraine and Canada. "I believe that collaboration creates great work, and I enjoy being involved in projects that contribute to the collective social good. I’m a documentary film nerd, and I have a passion for making videos that are educational, fun and accessible. I love turning “decent” into “remarkable”, “engaging” and “whoa”. David had the honour of being Design Lead for the film that won World Cinema Grand Prize Sundance – The Russian Woodpecker. David brings an amazing vision for the Live It brand and creative side.



Originally from the Silicon Valley in California, Sarah completed her BSc Biology at the University of Victoria (2016). She has experience in marine sciences, technology, business development and discovered that the Fish Eye Project and now Live It, perfectly combines her background and interests. Sarah has international marine science research experience in artificial reef development in Gold Coast-Australia; biological oceanography in Bamfield-Canada; coral reef ecology in St. George-Bermuda and currently is working on a project involving anthropogenic effects on the endangered Southern Resident Killer Whales in Victoria-Canada. Sarah also has marketing and business development experience from working in companies in the Bay Area and on Vancouver Island. Using innovative technology and scientific expertise to educate children and the public is something that Sarah is passionate about and she is excited to help grow Live It so everyone is able to easily explore and learn about our natural environment without leaving any footprints behind.