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Live It is a company founded in 2017 by the same co-founders as the non-profit Fish Eye Project which started live dives as an education tool in 2013. The sample events below are meant to showcase the variety of live events possible. Virtual Field Trips are by nature live events, and so our focus as resources is very much on future events rather than past events. The new look of the platform will be released in February 2019 for Race Rocks Live (mock up below).

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upcoming field trips - 2019 Calendar -

Race Rocks Live - February 27-28, 2019 -

A live series of stories from the Race Rocks Marine Reserve focusing on Steller Sea Lions, underwater radiography, Indigenous traditional knowledge, marine mammal rescue and rehabilitation. in French and English for grade 2-6. Partners are BC Ferries, Ocean Wise, and Pearson’s College.

Great Bear Rainforest Live - September 2019 -

A window into the IMAX Great Bear Rainforest film. We will be connecting with the Klemtu community on the Central coast of British Columbia in partnership with Pacific Wild.

First Peoples series - Spring 2019 -

Discovering five locations through virtual field trips across Canada in partnership with Canoe Kids and Natural Curiosity at the Dr. Eric Jackman Institute of Child Study Laboratory School University of Toronto:

  • The Carrier People’s from British Columbia

  • The Blackfoot from Alberta

  • The Haudenosaunee from Ontario

  • The Inuit from Labrador

  • Mi’Kmaq from Newfoundland

recent virtual field trips

Orca Live, September 2018

During the Orca Live show, K-12 students across British Columbia connected with orca experts and T'Sou-ke Nation knowledge holder Jeff Welch live from Eagle Wing Whale Watching Tours boat out of Race Rocks Ecological Reserve. Two shows in English and one show in French were made available and we had many great questions and conversations during the 3 shows with over 4,500 students and over 350+ questions posted on Twitter. IMAX Victoria also streamed the show live with over 200 students.

This pilot was Live It's new production on their own digital platform, comprising of live show and pre- and post- educational content to create an interactive multimedia learning experience for students and get them interested in the topic of orcas, their ecosystems, their threats, and actions they can take to help them. The inquiry guides, short clips and Powerpoint slideshow were provided to prepare students to the live show and deepen the learning afterwards. Students were able to see, hear and message in real-time with our team in the field and online experts online. 

Access Orca Live recorded shows and educational content on the Live It Earth platform:

Arctic Live Dive, August 2017

Discover the Arctic like never before- through a live and interactive dive! With Fish Eye Project, part of our family of organizations, Live It was proud to partner with Canada C3, Ocean Networks CanadaOcean Wise, and Polar Knowledge Canada to connect the country to our Arctic ocean and its fascinating marine life. Cambridge Bay is located in Nunavut, in the central high Canadian Arctic. We explored this remote area with our team and discovered the spirit of the North, its people, landscape and marine life. Over 200,000 people watched the French and English shows to see, hear and communicate in real-time with our team through Facebook live. Museums across the country also dove with us. To access the learning module on Canada C3 website, click here or download the pdf below. See Appendices A to H at the end of the document for additional resources.

Maéva montre l'équipement de plongée que nous utilisons pour les plongées en direct.

What dive gear do we need to go diving? Mike explains.


Live Dive

Francocean Pacifique, 2016

Connecting French schools from the North to the South Pacific. Funded by the BC Ministry of Education, FrancOcéan Pacifique co-directed by the Pacific Peoples' Partnership, Fish Eye Project and Pacific Shores, aimed to connect Francophone youth in British Columbia with New Caledonia through a Francophone Oceans Program (grade 6-9).

The project included:

  • A participatory learning experience, allowing students to learn about the ocean in their own environment (North Pacific) and New Caledonia (South Pacific);

  • The transmission of traditional knowledge and relationships to the ocean, both in New Caledonia and British Columbia;

  • At the centre of the project, two live events organized to allow students to see, hear, speak and share their experiences of the marine world and their different cultures with the students of New Caledonia

Deliverables included a website (http://www.francoceanpacifique.com/), a magazine (pdf here) and printed copies sent to participating schools, educational content and two live events.

World Oceans Day, 2016

A World's First Underwater Interactive Cinematic Experience. 

On June 8, 2016, Emerald Forest took students diving without getting wet below the surface of the Pacific Ocean. Online on YouTube Live or in IMAX & other Giant Screen theatres, our audiences were able see, hear, and interact with divers, in real-time from Victoria, BC. 


Live Dive

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