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CHEK News-World Oceans Day is celebrated at Victoria’s Fisherman’s Wharf. June 10th, 2018

The DAILY PLANET on Discovery Channel features Mike Irvine preparing his thesis UNDERWATER. Aired on April 20, 2015.




Local company will virtually connect BC students to experts in real-time- Victoria Buzz- 02/28/2018


From coast to coast to coast, a voyage of joy and pain- Times Colonist- 10/22/2017

Diving head first into a sea of Arctic knowledge - NunatsiaqOnline - 08/31/2017

UVic alumni make history with broadcast of Arctic live dive - UVic News - 08/28/2017

Underwater livestream from Arctic Ocean to be Canadian 1st- CBC News- 08/27/2017

Live-streamed underwater dives will offer watery window on Arctic life-Times Colonist- 08/19/2017

Broadcast of Nunavut live dive a Canadian first. UVic News. - 08/17/2017

UVic Live Dive from Nunavut a Canadian First. Saanich News & Victoria News. - 08/17/2017

Cette biologiste de la vie marine amène les étudiants dans les fonds marin. ILS FONT LE CANADA, Radio-Canada. Souligne les exploits de 18 agents de changements au pays. - 07/08/2017

This Marine Biologist is Bringing School Kids to the Ocean Floor. WE ARE CANADA, CBC. Highlighting young top 18 changemakers in the country - 04/30/2017


Into the VR Zone: How virtual reality is changing Victoria’s world, The Martlet - 12/01/2016

Streaming Life, UVic Torch Alumni Magazine - Autumn 2016 Issue.

Fish Eye Project: Team on a Mission, DIVER Magazine - June 2016 Issue. 

8 Breakthrough Innovations Saving Our Ocean, National Geographic Voices - 06/08/2016

CTV News at 6 (Video) - 06/08/2016

World’s first underwater interactive 'movie' takes place in Victoria, CTV News - 06/08/2016

Divers broadcast Ogden Point underwater experience live (Video), CHEK News - 06/08/201

Mike Irvine, CFAX 1070 interview with Pamela McCall, Listen here (at 34:00) - 06/08/2016

Monique Keiran: We should look more deeply at the sea, Times Colonist, - 06/05/2016

Outreach at new depths – Live Dive Event at hydrothermal vents between Fiji and Tonga
‘edutains’ the next generation of ocean ambassadors. Deep-Sea Life, Issue 7, Page 20, June 2016.

Life in the deepest places of our oceans, Fiji Sun online - 04/26/2016

interactive live dives- a new way to connect with the oceans, Douglas Magazine - April/May 2016


Featured in Diver Magazine - November 2015 issue

Academia goes underwater, Storify - April 2015

UVic Student makes history defending thesis underwater, CHEK NEWS -04/20/2015

Underwater Exploration. Watch Mike Irvine on CTV News - 04/20/2015  

Victoria Grad Student to defend his thesis underwater, Global news - 04/20/2015

Mike Irvine on All Points West, CBC - 04/17/2015

University of Victoria student to defend Masters thesis underwater, The Globe and Mail - 04/16/2015

University of Victoria student diving for his master's, Times Colonist - 04/16/2015

Mike Irvine defends master's thesis under water-CBC-04/15/2015

Le Week-end de la Plongée en Colombie-Britannique, Maeva Gauthier on Radio-Canada (CBC French) - 01/15/2016


Maeva Gauthier on Phare Ouest, Radio-Canada Radio - 11/27/2014


WE ARE CANADA on CBC features Maeva Gauthier and Mike Irvine as the Top 20 Changemakers in the country for Canada 150th . Aired on April 30, 2017.