Francophone Oceans Program

FrancOcéan Pacifique

This project, co-directed by the Pacific Peoples' Partnership, Fish Eye Project and Pacific Shores, aimed to connect Francophone youth in British Columbia with New Caledonia through a Francophone Oceans Program (grade 6-9). 
The project included:

  • A participatory learning experience, allowing students to learn about the ocean in their own environment (North Pacific) and New Caledonia (South Pacific);
  • The transmission of traditional knowledge and relationships to the ocean, both in New Caledonia and British Columbia;
  • At the center of the project, two live events organized to allow students to see, hear, speak and share their experiences of the marine world and their different cultures with the students of New Caledonia



The first live event, La Fabuleuse Remontée du Saumon (Running Wild), took place in the heart of the salmon capital of the world, in Campbell River on September 26, 2016. At this time of the year, the salmon go back to their birth location to give life before dying. This incredible phenomenon will be followed live by the classes of the colleges of Dumbéa, Paîta and Ouvéa in New Caledonia. 

The second live event, Esprits du Corail (Spirit of the Reef), will explored the coral reefs in New Caledonia on November 17, 2016 (November 18 in NC) with marine biologists and naturalists from Nouméa commenting on this wonderful ecosystem. These underwater images in the middle of a UNESCO World Heritage listed lagoon, were watched live by students in British Columbia. 






Topics discussed during the exchange:

  • Climate change: discovering, exchanging, thinking together about solutions
  • Migration of species between the north and the south of the Pacific
  • Warming oceans
  • Traditional ties of First Nations to the ocean
  • Rarification of some species and appearance of other invasive species 


Pacific FrancOcean - Explore this Ocean that connects us(FPO) is a province-wide educational project. All British-speaking students in grades 6-9 (sixth to third in New Caledonia) will have the opportunity to live this educational experience live from their classrooms, the only requirement being a fast Internet connection to watch online videos. In addition, the creation and the availability of a website and a magazine will contribute to creating a dynamic upstream of the live dives and to prepare the students for the dives, by exploring the topics related to the study of the ocean and climate change. The project also provides for an international exchange through which young Francophones in British Columbia will have the opportunity to share with another Francophone youth, that of New Caledonia in the South Pacific. Once the project is completed, the website, communication media and digital publications will be made available to all interested audiences and, if finances permit, translated into English.

We would like to thank the Province of British Columbia and the Government of Canada for their support of this project. About the project partners: Based in Victoria, British Columbia, Pacific Peoples' Partnership (PPP) is Canada's leading organization working with the people of the South Pacific and Canada on themes such as community development, social justice and education. Its goal is to create sustainable solutions to poverty, injustice and environmental problems. Since its inception more than 40 years ago, PPP has adapted its mission and priorities to the work and needs of its counterparts in the South Pacific. PPP is committed to working hand in hand with its partners, and supporting Pacific communities, as well as education and advocacy in Canada. We build these relationships to support the exchange of knowledge between the peoples of the North and the South. 

The main partner of PPP in the implementation of this project is Fish Eye Project . The mission of this company is to educate, educate and entertain the public on the ocean through live interactive dives. Spectators can see, hear and speak to divers in real time, and experience "without getting wet" diving. Fish Eye Project works for a better understanding of the ocean, in order to understand the need to take care of the ocean and its unique biodiversity. Live dives are organized in French and English. Pacific Shores is a young non-profit organization whose mission is to promote French-speaking connections around the world, by supporting the development of cultural exchanges. The French language can be considered as a vector of discoveries of cultures of a prodigious variety and richness. The two co-founders of Pacific Shores come from New Caledonia and as part of the FrancOcéan Pacifique project, they help to build relations between British Columbia and New Caledonia, with the help of local partners (Red Pacific, Subl'Image and Symbiosis).


The project was supported by other collaborators including:

  • Fisheries and Oceans Canada
  • Ocean Networks Canada
  • Eiko Jones Photography
  • IRD New Caledonia
  • Red Pacific
  • The New Caledonia Underwater Picture Festival
  • South Province
  • Symbiose association