Arctic Live Dive 2017


Discover the Arctic like never before- through a live and interactive dive! Fish Eye Project, our non-profit, was proud to partner with Canada C3, Ocean Networks Canada, Ocean Wise Vancouver Aquarium, and Polar Knowledge Canada to connect the country to our Arctic ocean. Cambridge Bay is located in the central high Canadian Arctic. We explored this remote area with our team and discovered the spirit of the North, its people, landscape and wildlife. Our audiences were able to see, hear and communicate in real-time with our team. 


Live broadcast from Cambridge Bay, Nunavut, Canada





The Live Dive was recorded and an education curriculum is available on Canada C3's Website. You can also access it on Ocean Networks Canada's webpage


Mario Cyr-Underwater Cinematographer

Mario Cyr is an internationally renowned expedition leader for Arctic and Antarctic missions, a world-class expert in cold-water diving and a world-class cinematographer. He has participated in more than 150 films for broadcasters such as National Geographic, Discovery Channel, the BBC, IMAX 3D, Disney Productions, the CBC and David Suzuki, the Cousteau Society, France 2, Arte and NHK Japan. Sequences, filmed by Mario, have been awarded the first ever Toothed Titans, Palme d'or winner - Antibes Festival 2011, the famous Mission Antarctic, the movie Oceans, by Jacques Perrin and Jacques Cluzaud, awarded to Cesar for best documentary in 2011, and Ice Bear, nominated for an Emmy Award in 2013, in the category Best images. He's touring in Quebec to share his amazing cinematography in Quebec and elsewhere in Canada. More info on his website:   

Dr. Philippe Archambault-Marine Ecologist, Université Laval (Quebec)

Dr. Philippe Archambault is the Director of the ' Our Gulf ' Network , leader of a 'Observing Arctic Substrates' project in the Sentinel North Major Program, leader of the reseach theme 'INTEGRITY OF COASTAL MARINE ENVIRONMENTS AND REGIONAL SOCIOECONOMIC ISSUES' in the Quebec Ocean Network and member of Takuvik the join laboratory between   Université Laval (Quebec) and CNRS (France). Inside and outside of these networks and projects in the Arctic and subarctic regions. He is trying to understand the processes of altering biodiversity, and ultimately the role of the latter in the ecosystem. In other words, what is the role of biodiversity in the environment? Why is biodiversity important? Among the processes studied are human disturbances and natural disturbances (hypoxia, climate change). He is also co-leader of the Canadian Space Network (CHN) network and the Chairman of the 4th World Conference of Marine Biodiversity to be held in Montreal in May 2018. Dr. Archambault will be co-host for the French Live Dive and has a lot of knowledge to share on Arctic marine species that live in the seafloor and ecology. 

Maéva Gauthier-Co-Founder & Executive Director

Maeva is a marine ecologist, filmmaker and explorer passionate about connecting people to nature, using education and filmmaking as tools. Featured on CBC as top young changemakers in the country with Fish Eye team in 2017,  she completed a M.Sc. in marine biology (University of Victoria, 2012) and an Environmental Education and Communication graduate degree (2015). Her projects have been focused in ocean sciences, outreach and environmental education. Working for government, private and not-for-profit sectors, she got involved with live underwater broadcasting productions, facilitated film workshop with youth in the Arctic, took part in scientific and educational expeditions to both poles, collected aerial imagery by helicopter for the coastal mapping program ShoreZone.Org and studied deep-sea ecosystems using remotely operated vehicles and sonar. Since 2013, she’s been running Fish Eye Project with Mike Irvine, a not-for-profit connecting people with the ocean using Live Dives to create the new generation of ocean stewards. A successful proof of concept brought this live underwater interactive experience to Giant Screen theatres in 2016. Recently, they co-founded the brand Live It, whose mission is to drive exploration and discovery by offering consistent live shows from remote environments and partnering with local organizations in various spectacular environments.

Mike Irvine-Co-Founder & Creative Director

A pioneer in underwater livestreaming, Mike endeavors to connect people to the ocean through narrative and an array of digital experiences. He recently completed a Masters in the Faculty of Education, Curriculum and Instruction at the University of Victoria (2015). Mike made history by successfully defending his thesis live from underwater, his defense can be seen on YouTube titled: “Beneath The Waves”. He has a diverse range of experiences in cinema, public speaking, web broadcasting and audio visual work. By 2011, He began assembling the tools and framework for live underwater shows or ‘Live Dives’ with Maeva Gauthier that naturally lead to the founding of Fish Eye Project. Simultaneously Mike cofounded SubEye Technologies, developing underwater web cameras for viewing marine life in real-time from anywhere in the world. Fast forward to World Oceans Day 2016, Fish Eye Project’s ‘Live Dives’ made cinematic history as being the first to introduce real-time interactions between audiences and divers in giant screen theaters. The ‘Emerald Forest’ production was streamed live to multiple IMAX theaters, science centers, museums, aquariums across Canada and to over 130 schools in North America.

Philippe Daigle-Scientific Director

A biologist with a master's degree in environmental sciences, Philippe has been working as a biology teacher since 2005. Each year, he brings a group of students to the tropics for a course on tropical ecosystems and the marine environment. Passionate about the ocean, he's had the chance to dive into many unusual places around the world. For more than ten years, he has been involved in various issues surrounding the Saguenay-St. Lawrence Marine Park (Quebec, Canada). During these years he has, among other things, supervised live dives activities for Parks Canada. His interest in education, the environment, and the world of the world, to maximize the reach of the environment, maximizing emotional and intellectual impact. According to him, emotion and knowledge are essential to people caring about the health of the ocean and taking action to protect it. Fish Eye Project has a number of years of experience in the field of fish eye project development.

Michael Blazeck-Diving Safety Officer, Logistics & Technology Support

Michael has over 35 years of experience working in the fields of environmental science and forestry. He graduated from Simon Fraser university with a BSc in Biophysics in 1982. During his career, he worked as a consultant for several companies including BC Research, Norecol Environmental Consultants and LGL Ltd. He has authored, or co-authored over 40 technical reports for government, mining and forest industries. Michael’s primary focus was in GIS, Photogrammetry, and computer software development. In 2005, he retired as a Principal in the forestry consulting company Forest Information Systems Ltd. Since retirement Michael has had the time to pursue his 42 year old passion for underwater photography and videography. Michael is bringing to Fish Eye Project a wealth of experience and knowledge in the diving and technology realms and is actively involved in the planning, logistics, and technological aspects of the dives. He also spent quite some time in the Arctic for past field work.

Jeremy Heywood-Dive - Diving support from Ocean Wise

Jeremy Heywood is the Diving and Boating Safety Officer at Ocean Wise, whose job is to ensure that they are well qualified and trained. Jacques Cousteau, who is interested in the subject of French documentary. He learned to dive in the mid-1980s and he has enjoyed exploring tropical coral reefs, floating through the pristine waters of British Columbia and braving the Arctic Ocean frigid.